Porsche 996 Twin Turbo Magnum Performance build


I purchased the Porsche 996 Turbo in October 2008 and after 3 months I got the tuning bug which I wasn’t planning to do with this car as it was my new daily driver.

But I guess I just can’t stop myself tuning my new cars.

Once all the parts were fitted the Porsche was truly a different animal, going from a stock 420bhp to a healthy 600bhp with over 600lbft of torque. And yet still a perfect daily driver just a lot quicker.

Towards the end of 2010 we had the opportunity to enter a round of the uk series Time Attack, and with the Subaru yet to be completed we thought why not give the Porsche ago. I was pleasantly surprised how well the Porsche handled and stopped considering everything is standard apart from a power increase.

The car performed faultlessly throughout the day as you would expect from a Porsche and held its own with the out and out race cars in the series.

I managed a 1m18sec lap at Snetterton with brake fade and a full weight car, not bad going for my first time out on track in a Porsche.

Modified 996 Twin Turbo

  • Spec: 3.6L  Flat six boxer engine
  • 2 x New GT2 k24/26 modified turbo’s capable of 700Hp
  • 2 x Uprated actuators
  • 2 x Stainless steel tubular manifolds
  • 70mm Stainless steel exhaust system with x50 tail pipes
  • 2 x 200 cell sport cats
  • 2 x Uprated diverter valves
  • Samco silicon hose set
  • Custom Airbox and K&N filter
  • 5 Bar fuel pressure regulator
  • Sachs stage 4 clutch
  • Modified ECU re-map
  • Poterfield race pads all round
  • Carbon strut braces front & rear
  • Billet alloy Oil, Water, Brake fluids caps
  • Alloy brake pedals
  • Carbon rear spoiler
  • Carbon inner kick panel
  • Quick shift
  • Estimated power with a new ECU re-map and injectors will see close to 700Bhp


A customer has now taken ownership of my Porsche and we have replaced all the parts listed above with the below spec and the car now produces 640 hp@ hubs so over 750hp !!! A true road weapon

SYVECS S8 mapped by RyanG

911 Tuning 800hp Turbo Kit

Kit consists of: GT28R turbos, External wastegate manifolds, Tial wastegates, Intercoolers, Intake hardpipe kit, 70lb Injectors, X-Flow exhaust system